Monday, October 10, 2016
Workplace training can feel like a chore—something to check off a to-do list, and once it’s over, nothing has changed. Companies spend an estimated $130 billion every year on corporate education. However, studies have shown that these efforts are often lackluster, so some companies are looking to outside-the-box methods to increase the impact of their training sessions. One way is to have employees go through an “escape room” where they have to troubleshoot and reconfigure locked, connected digital devices to escape from a room. "This training gives hands-on experience with the most popular connected devices with the goal of being able to provide knowledge- and experience-based tech support," says Vincent Phamvan, senior director of innovation for Asurion, a mobile tech company. "It also instills a sense of patience, empathy, and a team mentality, which is equally important to providing tech support to consumers. . . . Most of all this training is fun." Other companies have also looked to improv to improve employees' communication skills and help them work together. Bluecore CEO Fayez Mohamood says taking an improv class was "one of the best things I’ve done; it’s on par with the professional education I took in engineering."
Originally published at the Association for Talent Development on October 10, 2016
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